KZ440 maintanance



1981 KZ440 LTD owners manual

Location of parts 1 Location of parts 2
Handlebar, instruments

Oil/Stop lamp

Breaking in Periodic Maintainance Chart Periodic Maintainance Chart 2 Troubleshooting guide Trouble shooting guide 2
Engine oil Oil/Filter change Oil/oil filter change.
Oil change- Spark plugs Camshaft Chain/Valve clearence adjustment 1
Valve Clearence adjustment 2 Valve Clearence adjustment3 / Air cleaner

Air cleaner element
Air cleaner element cleaning / Trottle cable adjustment Trottle cable adjustment
Carburetor adjustment Carburetor cable/ Clutch adjustment
Clutch adjustment 2 Clutch adjustment/Drive chain Maintainance
Drive chain inspection/Adjustment Drive chain adjustment 2
Wheel alignment/Chain replacement
Brake adjustment/Diskbrake fluid Brake fluid/Brake pads

Rear brake adjustment Brake pedal travel Brake light switch adjustment
Steering adjustment/Fork maintainance
Front fork maintainance/ Rear shock inspection and adjustment
Rear shock adjustment/Wheel inspection and balance

Wheel balance/Tires and tubes Tires and tubes 2
Air pressure tabel/Wheel removal Wheel removal/Front wheel installation
Front wheel installation 2 Rear wheel removal

Rear wheel removal/Installation

Rear wheel installation/ Automatic side stand adjustment
Automatic sidestand return mechanism
Battery maintainance Battery maintainance 2
Battery maintainance 3 Battery maintainance/Headlight adjustment
Head light adjustment/Bulb replacement Bulb replacement 2
Bulb replacement/Fuel system cleanment Fuel system cleanment
Clutch cable/Trottle cable-grip lubrication Trottle grip-cable/Brake lever lubricatin
Lever and pedal lubrication

Speedometer/tachometer cable/Timing advancer lubrication
Bolt and nut tightningBolt and nut tightning 2
Cotter pins
Storage Storage 2

Drive belt adjustment

Wiring Diagrams

1981 440 A/D(Europe) 1981 440 A/D (US) 1982-1983 440H


KZ400 B1/B2 enlarged parts diagrams (Thanks Ivan)